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Art on Wheels
Wolfgang Temmel, a wheelchair user since he was nineteen. And Wolfgang Temmel, the artist (check out www.temmel.org). Two dimensions come together to create art on wheels - TEWO Rollercaps.
Temmel, the practical man who knows literally to his fingertips how a top-quality wheelchair accessory has to be and feel.
Temmel, the sportsman who has the facts and the experience from doing extreme sports in a wheelchair. He knows what effective spoke guards are all about.
Temmel, the artist who probes life's dimensions and is energized by aesthetics. Art on wheels - designed by master hand for everyday life. Worlds away from crude imitations.
Only TEWO Rollercaps are art on wheels.
They are the originals.

TEWO in use
TEWO in use
Uncompromising Quality
Top-notch Materials.
TEWO Rollercaps are made of high-quality, clear polycarbonate - the same material which the automobile industry uses for extremely durable car parts such as spoilers. The material is 1.5 mm thick, lightweight, scratch- and impact-resistant - qualities which TEWO Rollercaps retain for years (other lower quality plastics gradually become brittle and change when exposed to sunlight).
Flawless Workmanship
TEWO Rollercaps are produced by a leading European manufacturer of high-grade, deep drawn plastics in compliance with Wolfgang Temmel's exacting standards.
The designs are screened on the backs of the shields using a complicated printing process that protects them optimally and enhances their effect. The edges of TEWO Rollercaps have been deliberately rounded for your fingers - one of the many practical features making TEWO Rollercaps different from other spoke guards.
TEWO Rollercaps are subject to rigorous quality controls - vouched for by Wolfgang Temmel - and delivered to you individually packed.
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